My second "profound thinking" type innovation: "The Existence of Life Energy"

Stephen Cheng
"Profound Thinking" Type Innovation Promoter

Previous pages we talk about memory can be passed down to our next geneation. Here I give you a possible solution how this can be done. We can carry out an experiment to verify this possible solution.

We have many energy forms, for example kinetic energy, potential energy, electric and magnetic energy, heat energy, etc. Then is life also one kind of energy form? I do think so and I have devised an experiment to verify if this is true? Life is biochemical reaction. Biochemical reaction is strange. It can turn an embryo into a human being. Normal chemical reaction is random. If biochemical reactions follow our normal physics laws which are random, it should turn the embryo into a piece of tumor. Therefore life does not follow our physics laws. It has its own laws. There is a mystery we need to solve.

I need to come up with a theory which can solve this mystery and verify if it is true by experiment. The existence of the “life energy” can solve this puzzle. The following explains how the life energy works. Food is mostly carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are stable at body temperature. In order to make carbohydrates to react chemically, it needs to be brought up to the activated stage as shown in Fig.1 below. This activation energy is supplied by the life energy. The life energy can supply activation energy to the designated carbohydrate molecules to urge them to react. How much activation energy do we need to catalyze the biochemical reaction? We need an experiment to find that out. My estimate is it is about 20% of the produced energy from the biochemical reaction.


I need to find an experiment which can verify the existence of this “life energy”. As in any energy form, energy can be stored or released. For example, we can lift a weight to increase its potential energy, and we can recover that energy when the weight is lowered. This is also likely true with this life energy form. The storage of the life energy must be achieved while we are sleeping, possibly by the brain since the brain is shut down during sleep for some still not completely known reason. After sleeping, we feel refreshed, both physically and mentally, because we have re-charged our life energy. Animals are very vulnerable during sleep, thus there must be a good evolutionary reason for animals to sleep.

We can make a study experiment to verify the existence of this life energy form. A person is sleeping in a bed size human calorimeter chamber. The chamber can be made of reflective air bubble insulation board (http://www.aerolaminsulations.com/air-bubble-insulation.php) with a solid wooden frame. The chamber has three holes for air inlet, air outlet and respired gas outlet. There is another hole for electric wirings for EEG, temperature sensor and LED light.

We can measure the oxygen consumption and the amount of heat generated by the person while he sleeps. From the oxygen consumption, we can calculate the amount of energy consumed by the person and compare this with the amount of heat generated by the person. The difference represents the amount of energy stored up by the life energy. The EEG can tell exactly when the person has fallen asleep, whether in stages 1, 2, 3, 4, and REM, or awake. The stored up life energy will be used to catalyze biochemical reactions. After depleting, it needs to be recharged again during sleep.

In this experiment we are using direct human calorimeter. Direct human calorimeter measurement was replaced by indirect human calorimeter measurement about 60 years ago. Indirect calorimeter uses oxygen consumption to calculate energy generation. In this experiment we need to measure energy generation and compare it with oxygen consumption. Therefore indirect calorimeter cannot be used here. Direct calorimeter instant measurement of heat generation and compare with oxygen consumption had never been done. At that time direct calorimeter measurements usually took the average results of a long period of time, say a few days. This averaged out the stored life energy in my theory and could not verify its existence.

The most critical point in this experiment is to see if we observe the extra energy recovering from life energy while participants are awake or doing physical exercise. In physics the input energy from oxygen consumption must equal to the output energy from body heat. If we can find extra energy, this is contradicting to physics law. The only explanation is this energy comes from the life energy. This verifies the existence of the life energy. This study experiment measures if energy is lost during sleep (energy stores up in life energy) and extra energy be found during wakefulness (energy recovers from life energy.) Fig. 2 shows the outline of the study experiment during exercising and during sleeping.


There will be 3 participants in this experiment. Each participant spends 3 nights sleeping in the calorimeter chamber and 2 hours per day doing physical exercise in the calorimeter. The experiment total lasts 9 days and nights. Because of the size of the calorimeter, the respired gas can be collected quickly, we can instantly analysis oxygen consumption and heat production during stages 1, 2, 3, 4 and REM of sleep and during wakefulness and physical exercise while lying down.

I consider my innovative idea of the existence of the life energy has the pretty high possibility to be turned out to be true for the following reasons:

1. Deprivation of sleep in lab animals can cause them to die with no sign of damage to their vital organs. There must be some mechanism important to biochemical reactions and that becomes exhausted from deprivation of sleep. Possibly the cause is the lowering of life energy level from lack of sleep. The supply of activation energy by the life energy to allow biochemical reactions to take place has stopped. Sleep recharges the life energy.

2. The amount of DNA data passed down from the egg and sperm is about 1.5GB. This information is provided by Yevgeniy Grigoryev of Scripps Research Institute at http://bitesizebio.com/8378/how-much-information-is-stored-in-the-human-genome/. The adult human body is made up of about 37 trillion cells. A trillion is about 1,000 times bigger than a GB. This 1.5GB is too small for the alikeness of the twins to occur. In order for the twins’ alikeness to occur, there must be some sort of invisible mold exists that guides the biochemical reactions. Life energy can supply activation energy to the designated carbohydrate molecules to urge them to react. Because the reaction only takes place by the designated molecules, the shape of the body can be controlled. This is how to make twins look alike. The mold must contain a series of frames with a time different of a short period, say a month and run to the age of 120, the oldest age of mankind. This is like a reel of movie which runs on 24 frames per second for two hours. Yet the data passed down by DNA is 1000 times smaller than just the total addresses of the cells of one frame. It is impossible for the DNA to carry the data. There must be some other mechanism which can carry very very large amount of data passing down together with the DNA. This mechanism is most likely made of life energy because there is nothing else passing down together with the DNA. When there is a possibility, we should try to verify it.

3. During organ transplant, it is reported that the memory of donor is also transferred to the recipient as well. (http://www.mindpowernews.com/OrganMemoryTransfer.htm). Therefore I believe memory is stored in every part of our body by the life energy. The brain is only a sensor to read the memory recorded in energy form. This is a possibility. The reason why only 15 percent recipients of organ transplant experienced a change in personality is because the transplanted organ is small in comparison of the whole body. This is a weak memory.

The following is the correct way to handle this profound thinking type hypothesis. Suppose in a casino there is $1 million on the table. You need an extra card to win this $1 million. The cost of the extra card is $100. The chance of getting the card you want is one hundredth. Should you take the bet? Of cause you should because $100x100=10,000. But your reward is $1 million. This is the same with my hypothesis. We should carry out the experiment even the chance of turning out a positive result is one hundredth. Because the reward of solving the mystery of life is too great. Most people do not know how to handle a profound thinking type hypothesis. My estimate of the possibility of turning out a positive result of this experiment is over 50%. I have approched many many universities to carry out the experiment. I am willing to pay the cost of the experiment. But nobody is willing to carry it out. I believe this is because people do not have the "profound thinking" skill to see my idea has the potential to be turned out to be true. Any reader know any university willing to carry out the experiment please let me know.

Our scientists and students should practise this profound thinking skill. It is only after they have acquired the ability to see possibilities and determine how good those possibilities are, then they can come up with revolutionary innovations such as the airplane, the telephone and the talking machine etc. Those innovative ideas cannot be proven to be true in advance, but there is a possibility the ideas will turn out to be true. I sincerely hope our scientists and students will start practicing profound thinking skill.

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