Profound thinking methodology in Making Inventions and Innovations

Stephen Cheng
Profound thinking innovator

The secret of Thomas Edison, the Wright brothers and many great inventors has been uncovered. Their particular skill enable them to make important inventions and innovations is called "profound thinking" skill. I shall demonstrate that this same skill may be applied in helping us solve two of our more serious problems, 1. All animals have instincts; A German shepherd always barks at a stranger, while a small Peking dog always wags its tail. We call these behaviors animal instincts. However, humans are animals, too. Then should humans have behaviors from instincts just like animals do? 2. We have many energy forms, for example kinetic energy, potential energy, electric and magnetic energy, mechanical energy, chemical energy, heat energy, etc. Then is life also a kind of energy form? Every creativity book says you do not need to possess high level of academic knowledge in order to make an important invention or innovation. Today we can demonstrate how this is done.

Shool can only train you how to memorize large amount of knowledge and then apply the learned knowledge to a new place. profound thinking training can train you how to think "profound" and come up with a totally new concept!!!

Learn about the particular skill Edison had. Improve your innovative thinking. Remove your blocking barrier to free thinking.

Edison Bell Carlson Wright Wilbur

Major inventions and innovations require the uncovery of new knowledge. School can only teach you how to apply existing knowledge. Profound thinking skill can help you to uncover new knowledge. Learn profound thinking skill.

Wild ideas are essential in creating inventions and innovations. Children and less educated people can divise all sorts of wild ideas. However, when people become more educated, they lose this ability because they are using their knowledge instead of their imagination. We need to learn profound thinking skill to maintain this ability.